Curriculum vitæ


University of Salzburg
Staff Scientist • since 2020-11
  • Member of the Computational Systems Biology Group
  • Analysis of multi-omics and single cell datasets
  • Development of methods at the interface of network biology and machine learning
  • Teaching and supervision of internships
  • Assistance with the organization of conferences, websites, science communication
University of Salzburg
Postdoc • 2017-06 to 2020-10
Pointner & Rothschädl Ges.m.b.H.
Assistant to the CEO • 2014-09 to 2017-05
  • Managerial accounting and business reporting
  • Support and customization of the company’s ERP software
  • Financial accounting for eleven group companies based in seven European countries
  • Preparation of separated and consolidated financial statements
University of Salzburg
PhD student • 2010-09 to 2014-06
  • Member of the Structural Biology Group
  • Biochemical and structural characterization of kallikrein-related peptidase 2
  • Tutor for laboratory and mathematics courses
Austrian Red Cross, National Association Upper Austria
Emergency medical technician • since 2003-10
  • Emergency medical technician (Rettungssanitäter § 9 SanG)
  • Ambulance driver (since 2004-02)
  • Practical instructor (2005-05 to 2021-10)
  • Leadership training level 2 (since 2010-10)
  • Critical incident stress management peer (2010-06 to 2016-02)
  • Community service (2003-10 to 2004-09) and volunteer (since 2004-10)


SMBS – University of Salzburg Business School
in cooperation with next level consulting
Academic Project Manager • 2018-04 to 2019-06
passed with distinction
pma – Projekt Management Austria
IPMA Level D Certified Project Management Associate • 2018-07
FernUniversität in Hagen
BSc in business administration and economics • 2011-03 to 2015-02
passed with Sehr gut (1,1)
University of Salzburg
PhD in natural sciences • 2010-09 to 2014-09
passed sub auspiciis praesidentis
Wifi Salzburg
Financial accountant • 2013-09 to 2014-04
passed with distinction
University of Salzburg / University of Linz
MSc in molecular biology • 2008-10 to 2010-08
passed with distinction
University of Salzburg / University of Linz
BSc in molecular biosciences • 2005-10 to 2008-09
passed with distinction
Austrian Red Cross
Emergency medical technician • 2003-10 to 2003-11
passed with distinction


  • German (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Expert knowledge of R, Python, LaTeX and LilyPond
  • Practical knowledge of Java, HTML/CSS
  • Sound knowledge of MS Office including VBA programming
  • HSD+ (Course in academic instruction)
  • Continuo player (organ, harpsichord) of the Cantorey der Kirche der Barmherzigen Brüder Schärding since 2004-03
  • Expert in realization of figured bass notation according to 18th century practice
  • Editor of practical editions of 18th/19th century sacral music
Driver’s license
  • B

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